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Guiding Your six sigma success
Guiding Your six sigma success
  • Over 40 Years Operating experience in GE-Engineering, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Marketing, Service and Program Management

  • Certified GE Master Black Belts - 100 's of projects complete, including 11 business start-ups

  • Experts in Design for Six Sigma - training and mentoring

  • Diverse Consulting experience, Small, Medium, and Large Companies
General Electric Dr. Lonnie Edelheit
former SVP, Corporate Research and Development

"GE has derived substantial benefits from Six Sigma. We perfected Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in order to develop new products and processes with outstanding levels of quality. DFSS has been the source for many of our successes. Steve Fleming and Lowry Manson have been DFSS pioneers at GE. They led DFSS efforts in our first two products using DFSS methodology. These products had a 4X improvement in performance and a 10X improvement in reliability."

NuEdge Systems Tim Keane
CEO NuEdge Systems

"Six Sigma" is a breakthrough process for us at NuEdge Systems. As a small company, we need to invest our resources carefully, and only where we can produce a significant return. Six Sigma is one of the best � if not the best � investment of its type we�ve ever made. Our Six Sigma processes have reduced waste, increased cash flow, and moved our business forward in major ways. And we�re only beginning. Frankly, if SigMax Solutions weren�t such good guys, I wouldn�t have provided an endorsement because we think Six Sigma is such a competitive advantage I�d rather not have our competitors know we�re doing it."

GE Medical Systems Marc Onetto
VP, GE Medical Systems Global Supply Chain

"At GE we have learned to use Six Sigma on our toughest problems. Lowry Manson and Steve Fleming were two of our most experienced Master Black Belts. We have used them to resolve strategic process quality issues at suppliers and acquisitions. Six Sigma has given us a real market competitive advantage."

Perkin Elmer Dr. Enno Holzenkaempfer
CTO PerkinElmer Optoelectronics Imaging

"We are a key supplier to a major Medical Systems OEM. As part of their supply chain, we were trained in Six Sigma methods and tools. We achieved some spectacular results that would not be possible without Six Sigma. Having outside experts to help launch the effort is essential. The Master Black Belts at SigMax Solutions have excellent teaching and project mentoring skills."

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